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I also have to say...

Since hardly a soul is listening here, I miss Heather so damn much. Sigh.

Damn, people are still over here?

I hadn't thought about LJ in some time, until it was brought over up on Facebook. Little did I know, people still post over here. Had no clue!

Still, this place is less neglected by me than my Twitter account. Still can't find a purpose for that thing, other than talking to myself 140 characters at a time. :p


Completely forgot about this place until eriss reminded me of it existing, due to a crediting mix-up between me and kylecassidy.

These days, mostly sticking to Google+, simply because everything else short of Blogger and WordPress is blocked at the office. That and I've no clue who remains here who isn't on there or Facebook.

Beyond that, just got back from Amsterdam Falafel in town and the Dupont Circle Farmer's Market, with a stop-by at Borders in Silver Spring to see what was left (answer: very little).

What's up all y'all?

Has it really been since October?


Anyway, life's been going great. Since being away from here, I realize that I took off for Philly, Switzerland, and Austria.

I got a new job at Washington Hospital Center. It's great - and I work amongst robots!

Also, going back to Europe in less than two months. The Netherlands, Belgium, and England are on the agenda. All paid for by freelance art projects. How cool is that?

I cannot even go into all of those. There's a lot. Suffice to say, I've yet to do a release for any African artists, but at least one's been to Antarctica, so six out of seven continents isn't too shabby.

Kind of miss DJing, kind of miss seeing DC folks and doing the club thing. The above reminds me of why I really shouldn't *too* much. It's hard to horsing around in a 500 person throng in Zurich for Suicide Commando, and then come back home to a sluggish 30+ crowd who generally seem they're only there out of some sense of obligation.

Also, work will be sending me to possibly Paris (May and August) and definitely San Francisco (November), so I may be seeing folks in those locales around then.

So, yep - those are the tricks right now...!

No words for this one...

Since some of you may be out of the loop, yet still care, you might want to hear what happened at DC9 last night.


Horrible, horrible news.


Yeah, so much for retiring from scene stuff.

At the moment, wrapping up art for 3 CDs that'll all be internationally released. Another two appear to be on the horizon.

Just finished a site for Angels on Acid, will probably be doing one for an overseas label in the future, too.

Also, starting work on a movie campaign with the whole shebang of posters, websites, etc. to come once I get some of the above finalized...

Meanwhile, spun twice at Orpheus lately. May very well be spinning at Electroschock at some point soon if I can hook it (largely thanks to DJ Neska!).

DC-wise, it looks like I'll be guesting at Midnight at some point soon, too. Admittedly, I do miss DJing and the options for guesting in DC are rather few and far between. Maybe I'll see some of you out for that?

Anyway, hate to be all bullet-pointy about work things, but downtime usually involves me either hanging out with Heather on our porch, going out to eat (General Store in Silver Spring makes the best fried chicken ever, btw), and playing Dead Space here and there.

Welp, that's it.

With the end of III this month, I'm officially all out of DJ residencies... which seems to me awfully weird, since I've had at least one going since probably 2002. It's sort of bittersweet on my end - I do like DJing a heck of a lot... and I'll be spinning in Philly and at Freaks United in only a few short weeks. After that, it's Eclipse in Baltimore on the 9th...

Still, it's strange...

Random ennui and thoughts on the above...Collapse )

Say, it's June!

What's up Livejournal? Anything new in this area of the web? Me, well, still busy doing the design thing. It's beginning to eat up a good chunk of my time, though it's incredibly hard to complain.

After witnessing Kinetik this year, as well as the Ranch Party at Goth Prom afterwards... well, it made it a bit easier than I expected to quit Midnight. People generally seem happy about this, thus I'm sharing it over here as well for the non-Facebookers. Other than missing a handful of people on the occasional Saturday night, I'm not sure what lasting impact it will have on me. I do miss the days when everyone got along and generally gave a care about the direction of the local music scene, but I think its probably best for my own sanity (i.e., I'm still emotionally invested in it) to separate away from it a bit to gain some larger perspective on things.

Meanwhile, hey - this gives me a bit of spare time on the weekends! I got to play a video game for the first time in ages!

Anyway, if you of the going-out sort, I will be spinning this Friday at BOUND for their "Sticky" edition. Quite looking forward to it actually.


Suspended the Twitter stream over here, as it was a bit obnoxious. Of course, how often will I post over here... well, probably not often, but at least it won't be retweets!