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dj_vlad's Journal

Vlad, The Purveyor of Sinister Whimsy
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Hello, I'm Vlad - aka "DJ Vlad". Not a nickname, but more of a "boy named Sue" thing. Anyway, I'll update this once I figure my way around this place of evil. Or maybe not - who reads these blurbs, anyway? STALKERS, that's who.

The short of it:
I DJ/promote at: Submerge. I'm also a promotin' cog in the wheel that is Deep 6 Productions.

I also occasionally help run Alchemy Radio for Alchemy DC...when time and material permits.

I also write for Side-Line Magazine and Re-Gen Magazine at the moment. Used to write for Virus!, Sick Among the Pure, The City Morgue, and Hard Wired UK....but really, two is enough to handle.
absinthe, achewood, alice auaa, ant-zen, asche, battle royale, begotten, bella morte, bloody dead and sexy, brickbats, brighter death now, brothers quay, carcrash international, chemlab, christian death, chuck palahniuk, cinema strange, clive barker, coil, cold meat industry, colored contacts, cryptozoology, current 93, dario argento, das ich, david fincher, david lynch, death in june, deathrock, deep eynde, diary of dreams, die form, dir en grey, djing, dr. who, fields of the nephilim, flesh field, fossil dungeon, ghosting, goth djs, h.p. lovecraft, h.r. giger, his dark materials, horror films, hungry lucy, i parasite, ipod, jan svenkmajer, jean genet, ju-on, kitchen confidental, l'ame immortelle, lacrimosa, laibach, lautremont, legendary pink dots, london after midnight, macromedia, macs, mechassault, mentallo and the fixer, mind.in.a.box, more machine than man, mortiis, mystery science theater, nick cave, night watch, noisex, nurse with wound, paranormal, paris, portal of evil, powernoise, project pitchfork, raison d'etre, ringu, rozz williams, sanguis et cinis, sex gang children, sick among the pure, side-line, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, sol invictus, sopor aeturnus, stanley kubrick, sunshine blind, sushi, takashi miike, tapas, terry gilliam, the awakening, the azoic, the birthday massacre, the brides, the city morgue, the garden of delight, the horatii, the last dance, the march violets, the retrosic, thomas ligotti, tragic black, trisol records, uzumaki, vinyl djing, violet stigmata, virtual embrace, vnv nation, web design, webdesign, world serpent, writing, wumpscut, xbox, zilch